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This site will remain online following the 2008 exams. It is to be taken over and placed at a new domain although you will still be able to link to it via this site for a while. Exactly when it will come online is unsure because it is to be re-designed. However, the future of the site now seems assured. Thanks for your support in the past.

Ideas Department
To give graphics a different slant why not buy some blank keyrings or fridge magnets (see and get your students to design the inserts. Why not get a badge making kit as well? It's dead simple and students love it. (14/07/06)

Assessment Material
The materials available for download on the AQA website now include both the 2003, 2004 and 2005 GCSE papers. (14/07/06)

Chief Examiners' Report
The Chief Examiners' Report for 2005 is available for download on the AQA website. The 2006 report will be due sometime in the next few weeks and can be downloaded via the link above. (14/07/06)

Specifications 2008
Now available on the AQA website. Download the 2008 specifications. (14/07/06)

Michael Owen

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